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Who is totally happy with their skin?

If you are happy with your skin, I am happy for you!

The reality is we all have something we would like different. I contend just be happy as you are. Surgeons make a lot of money on the "self image" guilt people have. I want you to love your skin as it is, because we are all beautiful despite what we may think. I just want you to know I am terrible at selling you on something, that's not in me.

I see so many women who tell me this and that, but if I have to look close, you are looking for perfection. Generally there are some simple things I consider, age, stress, diet, sensitivities and sun damage. I could go on and on but a large populations fits in those areas.

Hormone related acne is one that affects many young people and that is a subject that is very specific and not handled in a simple way. In this blog I will talk about many things and hopefully help you with some simple remedies. I will do a specific blog on acne, since it is something that affects so many young adults.

I try to help people with sensitive skin. I want to focus on that today so people can understand better what that means. I am not a dermatologist. They treat and diagnose skin issues. Medical science approaches what they see with a diagnosis and a medical school treatment. That is the current state of the art.

What happens when the prescribed treatment causes a reaction that is worse than the symptom? Insurance does not cover huge drug cost? This is what I have seen, people unresponsive to or react to, prescribed care.

Some people have genetic disorders that are what they are. Sensitive skin their whole life, recurring issues that result in cracking skin, itching and so on. Steroids' and the like are not long term solutions.

Suppose, just for a minute, you took a holistic view to help yourself? Instead of treating a symptom look at the whole picture of your life. The stress, foods, exercise and all the things you may have ignored, bringing them back into your life first. Skin care would then be so much easier. In my case I had Rosacea, I was overweight, eating the wrong foods and under stress. Do you think I could fix the symptoms with a topical? For two years I made a skin care company lots of money with a cream that kept it in control and a foundation to cover it up. Then I changed all that and lost 60 lbs and began lifestyle changes.

I am finding that women who take care of themselves respond so much better to high quality skin care serums, creams and repair regiments. Diet plays a huge role in the "glow" you project. Anti aging begins with lifestyle, sleep, positive mental attitude, low stress and proper diet. Save your money, work on the holistic changes first. What I offer will then take you to the next level!


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