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Skin Sensitivities

The number of people with sensitive skin seems to be growing. There are many reasons for problem skin, and for a lot of people it is a life long struggle. In the sunbelt we see a high percentage of people with sun damage, others auto immune reactions for what ever reason. Dermatologists treat the symptoms, and remove cancerous tissue, they may prescribe cortisone cream or Retinol. These prescriptions can cause side effects. Retinol creates photo sensitivity to sun exposure and has other issues people react to. Bakuchiol is now known to be a natural alternative. Plant based, it does not have the photo sensitivity of Retinol. You will find it in my products because it repairs damaged skin without irritation. 

All MC Rose products can be used with sensitive skin. The Babassu/Calendula lotion is a very nice lotion for irritated skin. Other recommended products are the Castile soap. 100% olive oil, it is one of the mildest soaps available. Clear skin is also another safe soap for tender skin.


Babassu/Calendula Lotion

Many lotions tend to leave a greasy or oily feel when applied. The heat of the skin is sufficient to melt and absorb the Babassu oil. Evening Primrose seeds have very high levels of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid also known as "omega-6". Combined with the other natural ingredients it has an amazing silky feel like nothing else.  

Problem Skin

Essential Items

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