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What you need to know about Serums ?

Being beautiful at any age is what we all strive for. A healthy diet, exercise and sound sleep are only part of what makes us beautiful. A large part comes from within, inner peace, being happy with who you are and taking care of yourself. You can't have a beautiful smile (see photo) by being angry or when you are in emotional turmoil. Serums can be magical and work well for people who may be gracefully aging and need a little help.

When you buy a serum it's with the hope it will do some miracle for our skin, make you look ten years younger for example. When that doesn't happen the bottle joins the ranks of other products with wonderous claims on your makeup counter. Why is that?

It's a long story but I will try and explain the mystery in a shorter version.

In the previous article I discussed Hyaluronic acid and the effects of environment and pollution, aging and sun exposure of our skin. What we didn't talk about are what those influences actually do to our skin. This is the part where the movies would warn you to look away at this point , because it gets a little scary

The latest research has shown that our skin remembers what it has been through and changes as a result. It is known as Epigenetics, or altering of the genetic expression of your skin. Our Genes are like little switches, the expression is the state their in, either on or off. This is an oversimplification to allow you to understand the concept, but it is a very important concept. This is your body's defense mechanism against continued sun exposure, oxidative pollution absorption, aging, stress, diet and a host of other reactions that involve the microbiome of the skin.

The sun's rays (UV-A, UV-B and Infrared heat) are penetrating rays that create havoc on our skin cells, destabilizing them into oxidizing compounds. Stripped of an electron, you may have heard the term free radical, that is essentially how they are produced.

A healthy diet provides us with some anti-oxidants to neutralize free radicals, but not enough for full exposure in a swim suit. Over time, one can develop skin cancer or a other nasty skin problems.

The sun is just one factor in the skin equation. Pollution by means of micron sized particle emissions from smoke, car exhaust and factories enter our skin through the pores that result in a chemical reaction. Stress invokes auto-immune reactions over time, high sugar intake literally oxidizes your skin and eats away your collagen as does most processed foods. I would be remiss if I didn't point out the importance of sleep. It is necessary period. Those who say otherwise will regret it. Sleep is when our body regenerates, gets rid of toxins. With little or no sleep our bodies have been shown to get stressed, oxidative stress has horrible consequences, one of which is wrinkles.

Now lets talk about serums. I hope you better understand the sources of skin aging, and its not just your age. How well a serum performs is all about you! A woman that worships the sun drinking a diet soda with a hamburger and French fries on the beach, is not going to see the full benefit of a serum. However another woman hydrating with water and fruit sitting by the pool has a much better chance to receive the full benefit.

Serums in general are concentrated active ingredients that repair and attempt to restore your skins natural function. This may include "Barrier function", surface skin repair, age spots, redness as well as provide some level of protection from further damage. Serums can range in price from $20 to well over $1,000. Yes, I have tried them all! Companies spend hundreds of millions on advertising and research into what attracts people to buy a $1,000 serum. They may only use one or two active ingredients and tons of other chemicals for fragrance, spread-ability and texture. Cosmetic Chemists know there are three main ingredients in a product. An active ingredient, in-active ingredient and Marketing! The marketing is the largest segment of the costing for a product. The pretty bottle, fragrance and keen words on the bottle or jar. We can't forget the media campaigns, magazine ads and distribution either.

MCrose skin care Timeless Renewal Serum isn't that way. Every component in our serum has a purpose, to soothe irritated skin, repair damaged skin and the finest actives (more than one) to restore skin function. It is a renewal serum because it enhances collagen regeneration with the natural power of Sytenol A, as well as Hydrating dry skin.

Serums can be magical even for those who haven't been so kind to their skin. Active ingredients in many formulation are already incorporating Epigenetic factors that compliment expressions to help protect the skin, such as the Sytenol A, which acts like Retinol A without the side effects. Sytenol A (Bakuchiol) allows one to be in the sun without a reaction, not possible with Retinol A.

I like to apply serums at night after my shower. Serums are quickly absorbed with a nice simple fragrance. Your skin will feel fresh and hydrated before bed. Complimented with a moisturizer, your skin will feel silky in the morning.

Danielle Rose

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