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Trends in Skincare

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

I am a cosmetic Chemist, we are the ones who formulate what the Marketing people bring to social media. I'm a newcomer to the business because people want domestic products that are more safe and natural. My products have evolved to address a need of people who have come to me looking for something better. Sun damaged skin, anti aging concerns, dry skin and Eczema. More and more people have sensitive skin that reacts to formulations that come from production facilities outside of this country. Ingredients that are known irritants, have impurities, low "functional" ingredient values, fillers and synthetic fragrances.

Let me just say a few words about what is going on in the Industry. Super exciting because there we are seeing a trend for more natural products, and advanced Science in our understanding of skin function. We have these conventions where Scientist from all over the world talk about the real Chemistry of what they are Researching. I can spend an evening or week on one subject alone

If you are like me, I don't use products with names I cannot pronounce. In time after researching I have a much better understanding of what matters and what those things are. What is now understood is there are some truly amazing plant extracts that have wonderful properties for all sorts of skin related issues and beauty in general. This blog will help you get a better feel for what is fact.

Trends: Using your own skin to fight UV exposure! Changing the epigenetics of your skin to fight dry skin. How about altering you gene expression to improve skin barrier protection! Are you in, or nervous? I will break it down so anyone can understand.

Instead of sunscreen, a moisturizer with sun protection that doesn't use zinc oxide. Repair creams and gels that really repair over a long period. Age spot correctors that are plant based as well as Retinol and Resveratrol alternatives. MCrose skin care formularies are adopting these strategies right now.

I am a certified health coach, personal trainer and scientist. Talk about a weird background? Health and fitness make beautiful skin, to many use skin care to fix the sins of how we live. Sun damage, binging, no sleep, stress, sugar and makeup are just a few things we do. Makeup just covers up what you need to hide, clogs your pores and makes you put solvents on your face to deep clean.

My point is good skin, will not need much of anything to make you look beautiful, if you avoid an unhealthy lifestyle. In my case growing up, I did not know what skin care was, so prevention wasn't an option. In those times it was the age of Coppertone, just oil to treat sunburn! With that said science is now providing some pretty cool products that can help. This blog will talk about how purity makes a difference, and where some of these things you may trust come from. I hope you will follow me and enjoy learning together.

Danielle Rose

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