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The Holiday Party

Some time ago I wrote a book called "SAD...Why corporate America wants you FAT". In short it talks a lot about the things that drive our choices and lifestyle. During the Holiday season it is particularly a festive time with friends and parties.

What does this have to do with skin care? You may ask. A social life is important and I encourage those who may avoid parties to be Sociable because it is a necessary part of who we are. We need to connect, see people you may not normally see outside of work. When you truly enjoy the moment your skin responds accordingly through hormonal responses and chemical changes due to reduced stress response and happiness.

Not everybody responds that way, and that's where the rub is. What I have noticed is there is a tempting array of foods some sugars, salty chips and fried items along with some dips and so on. Processed foods in general have an adverse affect on your skin. The high salt makes you retain water, with associated puffiness and dull skin. Sugars have an oxidative effect that over time disrupts collagen rebuilding.

When we are thirsty, if your a non drinker, maybe a few sodas (more sugar) or even juices so on. If your really good sparkling water or water. Many will have moderate amounts of alcohol, now adding another level of body affects. It is not my intention to change what it is you do, but I want you to consider some smart ways to still enjoy yourself without the regret the next day or bad photos that night. My ten party tips below are from my book, and may add a little humor to your day.

Danielle Roses 10 Party Tips

Don’t go to a party starving – When you go to any party it is always wise to drink water and have a healthy snack, fruit, nuts maybe a sandwich. You can count on salty snacks at a party which encourages more drinking.

Hydrate hours before a party- Alcohol will dehydrate you. Having water ahead of time helps prevent that and your body will thank you the next day

Don’t park yourself in front of the food table (or bar)- Mindless dipping into table goodies is a good way to pack on the pounds. Same for the booze, reduce rapid drinking by engaging in conversation away from temptation

Watch out for mixed drinks- We all know about the alcohol, but the mixers can help you bust buttons! Holiday Eggnog is one to avoid, mixers in general have a lot of calories from sugar. Avoid diet anything for substitutes.

Sweat before you sin- A little common sense, a good workout and muscle repair with protein will reduce hunger later. When you work hard for that body you will think twice about wasting it on party snacks and drinks. Let off steam in moderation, knowing you did the work.

Bring your favorite dish- When you bring a healthy dish you at least have something you can eat if others aren’t so thoughtful. It also shows you want to stay on track and open conversation about healthy choices you are making

Checkout the Buffet table- Making healthy choices starts by looking at the mix of foods at hand. It is best to ask what something is first. Size up the way the food is prepared fried, baked, grilled or store bought. Avoid fried foods or processed foods.

Use a small plate- This has been around a while but, it is true. Sample a little of all your choices and return for what you like. Taking a lot of something you may not like is wasteful and disrespectful to those who may have made it.

Make dessert choices fruit- Pies and cakes are full of sugar. Simple whole fruits are a good choice because they contain fiber and help reduce blood sugar spikes

Don’t be the first to arrive and last to leave- There is always a party animal present. This is not a measure of a clean eating lifestyle. Don’t make it an eating and drinking contest, chances are you will be the one to lose and that doesn’t mean weight.

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