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Supply Chain Chaos

There is an integrated fabric of suppliers and end users. Each rely on the other to make the products consumers depend on. When there is a disruption in any part of that system a ripple effect occurs.

It started many years ago. In the US we recognized a need to stop polluting our environment, provide higher wages and stop exposing our workers to work place hazards. Regulations were put into place to make it happen. You see it today in the desire to reduce greenhouse gasses and provide services for all.

It is all good until you step into a corporate world where profit is the bottom line. Yes it is true companies are in business to make money. A marriage made in heaven, move your resources over sees. For many decades to avoid what we implemented has had repercussions the well intentioned did not think of.

This is not about choices made by those who recognized a need for change. We truly did gain by it as a nation. The bad part is we gave away an infrastructure to do basic things to a nation who have no regard for life and the environment. The US is not the biggest contributor to greenhouse gasses. Contrary to what Politian's say we are doing better than most.

In terms of cosmetics, we worship Chinese goods in so many forms it is hard to fathom. It comes at a cost we will now realize. We lost that capability due to our own purpose. There are many more areas following suit. Future policies need to level the playing fields. Children in factories, slave labor, forced labor when sick and we support that by buying these products under brand names. Sensible government regulation could have prevented what we are about to see.

For the young ones think about the consequences of your actions and future policy. I can speak of this because I lived it. Being an advocate of change not thinking how that would change us. It has caused a change in me to provide products that consider the bigger picture of the future and the health of our planet which is not so good right now. The little things like recyclable containers, product that are eco friendly, and of course offering simple skin care that we all need.

Expect disruption in available products. All over the place, time will tell how the industry adapts. I hope we learn a lesson from this and apply it to future negotiations.

Danielle Rose

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