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Skin Care Products for real people

My journey into Cosmetic Chemistry began with listening to my friends that had a need for something better. Some were just not responding to Doctors prescription's, or very expensive creams and worse yet bad reactions to the very thing that is supposed to make you better.

Granted not everyone has that problem, but most have had reactions to certain products or ingredients at least one time in their lives. You may ask why is that? We Humans come in many sizes, shapes and color. The same goes for our skin, but there is so much more.

Muse for a moment how many diets there are. At last count there were over 200! Consider the myriad of options when it comes to food we eat. Now, ask yourself, Do those things affect my skin? We know the sun does, Right? It doesn't stop there either.

The point is, our skin is the result of how we live our lives. I have said it many times, clean eating, sun protection, exercise, hydration and a sense of well being reward us with healthy skin. Conversely, over time without proper regard to health, diet and skin care we have problems.

We need to realize our DNA does remember the incursions you have presented it with. It is a process known as Epigenetics. Suffice it to say that your body, your skin remembers those sunburns, sugary treats and injuries. We think shortsighted, oh! the sunburn has gone away or the wound healed and so on. The truth is, year after year, slowly your arteries get clogged, or you get skin cancer. After college, your skin starts aging. You just don't see the affects until 10 years later, and 20 years later even more.

Now at age 40 or more you start looking for ways to fix 40 years of neglect, before the class reunion next month! Relax, I know I was one of those. That's why my Company helps people with sensitive skin. So if you are young, take care of your skin now.

I will be explaining a lot more in future blogs about sensitive skin, humectants, moisturizers and repair serums and those terms you have heard. What they do and how they should be used. I will also be talking about some of those ingredients that you may wonder about. I want this blog to be informative not a sales pitch. The more you understand what you need and why, makes you an informed consumer who will not waste your money on hyped up advertising. Share the Love!

Danielle Rose

Mcroseskincare Inc

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