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Next generation Total Eye Care is here!

Even with a mask on, your eyes reveal your soul !

In January I embarked on a cooperative project to explore some exciting new actives for eye care. I worked with a Chemist from Azelis her name was Gina, to refine a formula with actives that are sold thru their representatives. It was an amazing experience, I defined the requirements and researched the general ingredients and had the chemist complete a formula.

We sampled some amazing actives and new eco friendly emollients and moisturizers. This has been six months of work, research and validation. The suppliers are from around the world, Evonik, Sytheon LTD, Hallstar, Genomatica, and Bio Botanica.

I experienced a wonderful synergy with these companies from France, Germany and the US. None of my suppliers are from PRC, except the bottles makers. All provided purity and test results for every single ingredient. Even during lockdown they did what they could to get me samples. Some think that we just put some stuff together and make a product. Cosmetic chemistry involves collaboration with a community that want better products. That is why one has to take a leap sometimes and use the wisdom of others to make something better.

Everyone has seen the infomercials on miracle results. Instant results with a small sample size. If you watch carefully the adds focus on instant results, and never talk about a total long term solution. The truth is there is a short term active and a long term repair active. Together they form a powerful eye care. You will not here mention of a humectant or emollient to soften and plump the skin.

My point is some products are just money makers to sell products with whatever ingredients. With our experience using organic essential oils, we know the value of providing a complete solution.

We called our new product Total Eye Care. It offers three active that each address a specific issue. Dark Circles, under eye puffiness and fine lines. The formula works for men and woman with puffiness, a recent breakthrough. Next I wanted to address having an eco friendly product. One that doesn't tax the cultivated resource or pollute in the recycle process and pose a threat to the water supply. This is the first time I am using a algae cultivated product from France and Sunflower seed oil extracts as well as avocado oil.

Finally Synastol TC is an Ayurvedic berry extract shown to offer blue light protection. Why? Computer screens emit blue light, City lights and selfie flashes contributes to inflammation in the very thin eye skin, yes I thought of that!

The product is true to it's name. I want a product that just works and has a nice texture. I need your support if this will be successful. Buying in bulk is the only way I can purchase high end ingredients. I only have a very limited supply of samples and saleable pumps. You will see it as Timeless Naturals Total Eye care. The small pump will last 2 months if used sparingly. Before and after photos are welcome.

Danielle Rose

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