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Is Hyaluronic acid the right product for me?

Many articles, books, talk shows and monthly magazines all talk about what is best for your skin. Generally, it's all about selling you something. This blog is specifically about Hyaluronic Acid in skin care products.

I try to help people buy only what they need. The reason is simple. All of my products use high quality ingredients and perform amazing for the right application. In todays economy we need to make informed choices on how we spend our hard earned money.

Let me start by saying, what I tell everyone; Skin care starts with diet, exercise, sleep and avoiding the sun. Disregard for any one or all of those things, will show in your skin. Over time the damage accumulates and progresses slowly around late 20's, then rapidly starts to decline after. Every ten years Collagen production halves, which is why at 50 we start to really take notice.

Our skin is constantly changing, trying to adapt to what we throw at it, sun, pollution, stress, hormonal changes, makeup, blue light from video screens and of course age. I won't even try to deal with all of these affects, but MCrose skin care products are a full line of products that can offer solutions to many of these concerns.

I like to start with our "Age Defying Serum", what it does, when to use it and why. It contains Lavender Hydrosol, Wrinkle Defense complex, Hyaluronic acid (HA) and radish root extract (natural preservative). The organic Lavender Hydrosol (instead of H2O) by itself is known for calming properties. The Wrinkle Defense Complex contains Amino acids and peptides that relax fine lines. Hyaluronic acid (HA) moisturizes the skin. HA is a tricky thing, and you see it in so many products. Simply put it attracts up to 1000 times its own weight in water to hydrate the skin. The tricky part is how it hydrates your skin, it needs available water in the air (humidity) to plump the skin. In the Winter this would not be the best choice alone because it will act to attain the moisture from your skin, drying your skin. Applying a good moisturizer can be added to eliminate the drying effect, if applied after the serum is absorbed.

Typically HA does not work adversely, but it is my desire to educate everyone on proper usage. Many products we offer are for woman on the go and they want quickly absorbed actives to be makeup ready. When HA is incorporated in creams and moisturizers, even gels the drying potential is not a problem because we use humectants designed to further moisturize the skin by trapping the available water.

Many products on the market add a list of ingredients, adding fragrance, colors, water suspended as a gel and preservatives. These Companies make nice products but, do you know where they come from? We prefer to keep the ingredients simple and as natural as possible made in the US.

Most people do not know there are many molecular weights of HA ranging from very high to extremely low. Research has shown the molecular weight (MW) greatly affects the skin surface or subsurface layers. Cosmetic Chemistry dictates how these different MW's are to be used to achieve a given effect. Almost all products I have seen do not say what MW's they use, you can see what I use on my website.

Our skin as you know seasonally changes with cold and dry conditions or humid and warm conditions and everything in between. It is also our own personal environmental control suit, constantly regulating our body temperature. The things we put on our skin can affect our skin function. This usually comes in the form of skin reactions either from the ingredients or barrier function compromise and not allowing the skin to "breathe".

Adjust your regimen to give your skin what it needs for the season. Your body will let you know if you make the wrong choice, and tell you with redness, flaky skin or itchiness.

To answer the initial question; Is HA is right for me? If you are under thirty and take care of yourself the answer is no. A good moisturizer and prevention is your best bet. Age affects everyone differently, but if you are seeing fine lines around the eyes, you are a good candidate. Our Age Defying Serum is low in cost and highly effective available here. In my next blog We'll talk a little more about serums.

You can find the Age Defying Serum here:

Danielle Rose

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