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Health the new Wealth

It hits home now more than ever. We have had a wakeup call on how fragile we are as a species. It seems like everyday we are punched again and again, with something challenging. Food lines, shopping habits, social distancing, and for God sakes Toilette paper!

Skin care should not be that way. Part of our health is maintaining a healthy diet, some form of exercise and family. As a woman we need something more. When the day is done and we want to chill, pampering our skin can be the calming we need to feel alive, beautiful and sexy.

I want to have you think where you fit in the new skin care bubble. Are you seeking deep beauty solutions? Are you a skintellectual? Does Science and nature harmonizes your search for wellness & proven solutions.

We really want all of these, in one way or another. Deep beauty seekers want to see results rather quickly. In Cosmetic Chemistry this is done with delivery systems. What that means is an active is not very effective sitting on the surface of the skin. Delivery systems consider the deeper layers and target the active to go deeper into the skin layers where it can be more effective. The glow is an extension of how you take care of yourself (foods, hydration, stress and skin nourishment). Add to that a moisturizer and a serum and the skin comes alive.

Skintellectual's read reviews and posts from others to decide on a product. Does it work or not. The danger in this approach is that everybody has different skin. Diet greatly affects skin, so what worked for her may not be right for you. Know your skin, oily, normal and so on. That is why testing a product on your skin at a store is desirable. That was how many of us learned. That option is changing in todays environment.

Science and Nature Gal. This is me! I am a researcher and Cosmetic Chemist. It is my job as CEO of Mcrose Skincare to be informed and meet the needs of today's woman. For the past year the excitement in the industry is the increasing demand for Natural products. What if you could have a product that is effective, gets results quickly without harmful unnatural ingredients?

It is possible. Recently I joined forces with an Azelis Chemist. I selected the active ingredients and provided design requirements for a Natural eye serum. The formula exceeded everything I wanted and more. Research shows visible results in hours, and 30% smoothing of fine lines in 30 days! What I could not believe is that all the ingredients are from plant or microorganisms and environmentally responsible, lower energy CO2 byproducts, and do not deplete resources!

The serum is a total eye care formula. Below are test results with just ONE of the three actives in the new MCrose skincare Timeless Total eye. Total eye means under eye puffiness and dark circles with Look Oleoactif, and Aquapront for deep lines long term.

Available 3rd Quarter 20.

Danielle Rose

MCrose skincare Inc

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