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Food and Beauty

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Have you ever heard the expression; You are what you eat

Science is finding that to be true. This is not about trying to convince you a new diet is what you should be doing. I am a health coach and we see it all the time. People with stomach problems, skin sensitivity and so on.

We are focused here on your beautiful skin. Beautiful skin starts from the inside out. Stress, fried foods, poor lifestyle i.e. staying out late at night, little sleep and alcohol to name a few. Are not a foundation to nourish beautiful skin. Affects are not quickly noticed until the damage is done. Add suburban lifestyle and pollution and you have a catalyst for degraded skin at an early age.

I have said it time and time again the standard American diet is killing people. In my book "SAD...Why corporate America wants you fat", I talk about the machine that makes convenience more important than your health. In this case your skin suffers and you don't know why.

Saturated fats, sugars and processed foods do some nasty things when it comes to skin. They erode the foundation of your face by destroying the collagen at its base. Over time the sugars have an oxidative effect that will take years off your face. I don't see that in any fast food commercial!

Is convenience that important to sacrifice your beautiful skin? It's an addiction, I'm sure but you have alternatives. I challenge you to break those chains of the daily Starbucks and golden arches, with something more healthy.

The photo you see is a simple potato salad made with one potato and cauliflower, mixed with the olives and other veggies. Calories cut in half. It is possible to change, The process is slow.

My blogs are focused on what will guide you to better skin. The best skin care in the world is no match for a fast paced lifestyle. I want you to think about living healthier, eating the leafy greens and hydrating. These are things that are fundamental to glowing skin. Feeling happy and inner peace make the skin glow. My products are made to nourish that sense of being. More on healthy choices for fabulous skin in my next blog!


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