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Entering the Age of "Vibrational Cosmetics"

You may have heard of "Skin - Brain - Gut" axis connection, but didn't understand what that meant. Current research is proving how they are in tune with each other. Each system is interconnected with the other.

You may not think of it this way but our bodies are composed of about 40% human cells and about 60% bacterial microorganisms! They are present on the surface to the deep layers of the skin as well as in the epithelial lining of the gut. This skin and gut microbiome is unique to each individual or host.

I will oversimplify a complex topic of scientists to give you the short form. Think of it as a triangle, the brain at the top, and gut and skin the base. When you eat crappy food, your brain is told I ate something bad. The brain responds through your endocrine system to produce cortisol and other nasty hormones to deal with it. That in turn is communicated to your skin to provide an oxidative response to the fast food.

Bring into that cycle your lifestyle. Stress, environment, hydration, diet and many more, chances are your skin will freak out. Over time ulcers and other degrading health factors will follow.

Vibrational cosmetics introduces harmony of these responses if you are willing to embrace it. Instead of anti-aging creams, serums, moisturizers and skin care treatments, why not consider a whole body approach. Fragrance, feeling calm, reducing stress and happiness.

That glow comes from within, period. What that means is a healthy, happy lifestyle is your body response to how you are living. Giving your skin nourishment with a hydrating formula with Jojoba and rose hip seed oil as well as ayurvedic herbs such as Bakuchiol will restore skin flora. Balancing the commensal bacteria and the pathogenic bacteria is key to restoring healthy skin.

My products already incorporate beautiful organic oils and fragrances that are part of the vibrational triangle. The latest addition is "Timeless Hydrating Gel", and soon to come an age spot corrector. We believe that Nature figured it out for us, we just need to listen. We listen by using natural formulas, non animal cruelty testing, organic sustainable oils ingredients we I use.

Danielle Rose

MCroseskincare Inc

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