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Enjoy the Holidays

It's ok to let yourself go this time of year

We need to remember the kid in all of us. The wonder of Christmas, how it put a smile on our faces. All to often we are wrapped up in gift purchases, credit card debt, running about for this and that in a hurry. It's easy to forget that there is more than that.

Are you one of the few that volunteer? Helping serve those who have nothing, wrapping presents for needy children. Helping someone at the grocery store who can't reach an item. Donating items to the food bank, the list goes on.

I sat with Santa while we were out and about. You are never to old to smile and laugh because it is good for the soul. So is helping others. Our brain is wired to take that feedback and it makes us feel good. That is where skin comes in. Being happy on the inside brings a glow to your smile and your skin.

Appreciating the little things. I say it all the time, but it is true. Someone who takes the time to write a letter, is sending a personal touch and a heartfelt message. Someone who makes something for you, crafting, baking should be appreciated.

I love what people do with their outside lights. Some do nothing and others make a statement, why? because they are having fun. One neighbor does cute little scenes for all the Holidays, it makes me chuckle when I drive by sometimes, and I say thank you.

What are you doing to bring a smile to others? Holiday cheer comes back to you. Other than good skin care and diet, being happy makes them come together. That is the person that glows! Her skin is even more beautiful when their is a smile.

So slow down and look around you, you may find a little one looking up at you. What will you say?

Merry Christmas everyone!

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