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Common Elements in beautiful skin

Hi! It's me. Not the beauty queen but happy in my skin. For my age I have learned to accept what I am given. Sun damage, weathering years of a not so pleasant life on my skin.

Everyday life gets in the way of woman with the most beautiful skin. It's that fast paced lifestyle we have learned to just do. You know kids, school parental obligations, career and never enough money, and stress. I can add on fast food, poor diet, and other factors but you should get the picture.

Over time we don't pay attention until we see the fine lines, or sun damage. At that time you are ten years beyond when the damage started! Stated another way, when you graduate college, you are at the peak of your bodies skin potential. Your ability to produce Collagen starts to decline. Every ten years, it reduces even more. So for example at age 30 plus you may notice fine lines, or worse depending on your life factors.

For some this is scary, others may say so what. My point is, if you can guide the destiny of your skin would you try? I will try to help you answer those questions, not to sell you products, but to give you a health coach perspective on the things in life that will make your skin amazing. If you are in, follow me and I will show you what I am talking about.

Danielle Rose

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