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Beauty Secret Number ONE...

Do you know who she was?

Zsa Zsa Gabor! Said to be the first makeup queen, knew the secret of beauty and lived to age 99!

You might say; Why do I care? The answer is I grew up admiring her beauty and always thought it was Hollywood makeup tricks. Maybe so, but she practiced what we are learning today on how to be beautiful over our lifetime.

She founded her own skin care line, because she wanted better. Emigrating from Hungary in 1941, says she lived through turbulent times.

This leads us to beauty secret number one. Take care of your skin! The younger the better. That is the consistent message that French woman and European woman are taught at a young age. It is a part of being a woman, to love and pamper your skin. In those times regiments were taught by their mothers, and a close knit community doing things together.

Fast forward to now. We are discovering that the standard American diet is slowly killing us, worse yet the sugars and fats oxidize and eat way the collagen so necessary for healthy skin. Add to that stress, pollution, trying to be super mom and sun.

One thing Zsa Zsa knew, was vitamin C is your friend. She would eat green peppers (low in calories) and leafy greens not just for her figure. She promoted healthy eating at a time when there was no definition. Her skin care products were natural. Is this starting to sound like what people want today?

The number one thing I say to young woman is that the super hot tan your getting will last a lifetime. The more and more you get, expect something else over time. Is it worth it? Between diet and sun protection expect to have fabulous skin. I can't help you with the other factors but the more you can do to control the stress in your life, it will show in your skin. Think of it this way, when you graduate college your collagen levels start declining, but you won't see the effect until ten years later. By then you are playing catch up to the damage!

To maintain youthful skin use gentle soaps and caress your skin when bathing. Don't be afraid to use organic lotions to sooth and pamper your skin. A nice moisturizer in the evening and during the day in dry and cold climates. Use lip balms in the winter. Wear a fashionable hat in the South or sun protection including clothing or zinc oxide on the skin. Consider a healthy diet and gym time, they really make your skin glow!

As for Zsa Zsa, she handled stress very well! 8 times married and divorced! she enjoyed the ride and dumped the drama! LOL!

Love your skin!

Danielle Rose

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