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A Garden and skin care

My Garden talks to me! It's more like reading lips. So when I finish my skin care and breakfast I always walk through my Garden to see what has been given to me. My Garden doesn't actually say anything, but I have to look for the signs. The first most obvious thing I look at is soil moisture. Do I need to water or am I watering to much. The plants "tell me" by the leaves drooping, dry soil, yellowing or are they very happy and green.

The photo shows a happy and green single tomato plant that has grown way beyond my expectations into a 32 square foot area! That tells me it is well fed, and watered just fine. Over time insects will invade wanting some of the bounty a healthy plant will bring.

Our skin behaves much the same way. When we are young we are invincible! Our skin responds to the insults we give it such as sunburn, wind burn, pollution not to mention Hormone changes as we become adults.

In our mid twenties the collagen rebuilding starts to drop off in ten year marks. So every ten years your ability to keep that youthful skin starts to loose that collagen footing at a steeper slope. In our thirties we may see the beginning affects of sun damage and aging with fine lines and less bright skin than before. Start looking for makeup coverups that abound.

For woman in their fifties you know it well. That's when we really start reacting to the changes as they become more pronounced. The sad part about that is, you are responding to what you didn't do years earlier!

The term "skin care" is a lifetime of caring for what matters the most. Remember when I said "Invincible", it is a pattern that puts us in the mindset that one day, one week, one year, my skin is beautiful its not going to hurt. Our skin Epigenetically responds to every insult. Ultimately resulting in numerous visits to the Dermatologist for help.

You can change that. This blog is directed at you. I hardly ever have a young person even ask the question "what should I do for skin care". Because we are not brought up this way. I met a beautiful lady at my gym, porcelain skin, black hair. She is the only young person I have met in her mid twenties with skin that glowed. She told me her mother taught her at an early age to protect her skin. Bravo!

Protect your skin!!!! I prefer hats to sunscreens, long sleeve shirts or short sun exposure. I am not fully convinced sunscreen's and sun block's are all that good for your skin. If you are a lifeguard, volleyball player where you have no choice, by all means use it. When you are young, skin care means to pamper your skin with rich beautiful lotions. Moisturize at night and use body lotions. This helps reduce the rate of collagen loss. Over time enriching the skin will see less fine lines later.

Skin care should mean something and be a part of our everyday routine. Start at an early age like French woman who are taught young to cherish their skin. It's not that you want to be a model, but have beautiful skin your whole life and less likely to develop skin cancer which is directly related to the total exposure you have experienced.

Danielle Rose

MCrose Skin Care Products INC

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