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Timeless Naturals - Plumping Day Cream Was created to incorporate some of the most advanced actives and antioxidant protection available. Containing Organic Lavender Hydrosol not just water. Brontide BG is a Bio derived Butylene Glycol, Argireline Peptides for reduce expression lines, and Lumicease for oxidated skin. If that is not enough, we added plant derived hexuron (Vitamin C) for protection from free radicals and Pollution. The plumping is derived from a unique Floraester 20 (stable form of Jojoba oil, a long lasting humectant. 

Plumping Day Cream

  • Ingredients: Organic Lavender Hydrosol, T Hexuron, Brontide BG, Vivapur Cos 8(emulsifier derivrd from cellulose), Argirelene Peptide, Hyacare Filler CL (Hyaluronic acid), Argireline, Lumicease, Algapur (plant based)  Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides and Lineoleic acid (plant based), Floraester 20, Cetiol Ultimate, Propenadiol (moisturizer), LC995,  Germall +.

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