Improved formula for Summer and Winter. With calming rich oils and elements from the sea, this plumping cream softens the skin. This is now a true day cream. Rich with rose hip seed oil and quickly absorbed you won't know you are wearing it. Customers have asked for a less oily feel, this is it. The new formula incorporates something very special, oil based vitamin c - T Hexuron. It carries the power of vitamin C , as a stable oil, it reaches deeper into the sublayers of the skin. Synoxyl AZ is used for pollution protection and skin lightening. You still get the power of Hyaluronic acid, plumping and line smoothing and a new natural Brontide eco friendly Butylene glycol. We have stepped up our game to use what you want ! 

Plumping Day Cream

SKU: 0008
  • Ingredients: Organic Lavender Hydrosol, Actifcol, T Hexuron, Rice PO4 natural, Brontide BG, Emulthix, Rose hip seed oil, Adifyline, Seacode, Bakuchiol, Hyaluronic acid, Dimethyl Isosrbate,  Xanthum gum, Germall +, Synoxyl AZ, Orange fragrance.