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This soap is an old favorite. High superfat at 7 % you will enjoy the silkiness of the excess oils that nourish your skin. A hint of Orange fragrance, 100% Extra Virgin Olive oil from Turkey. Melted tussah french silk fibers and of course "Gros Sel de Guerande" hand harvested sea salt.

Castile Soap

  • A lot of people make castile soap in liquid and solid bars. Castile soap has been around for a very long time. The French formula I researched is amazing, because French Woman appreciate soft creamy soaps. The salt molecules have a different shape due to the way it is formed. Making it caress your skin. The melted silk fibers add a beautiful feel to the creamy bar. This is very gentle and great for sensitive skin. You will love the high 7% excess oil this bar provides. 

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