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This serum turns back the hands of time. Lavender hydrosol is the base of this serum, with one of the highest concentrations of Hyaluronic acid in multiple molecular weights for deep hydration available. The wrinkle defense complex with peptides reduces fine lines.

Age Defying Serum

  • All of our products that use Lavender Hydrosol, use the finest organic Lavender essential oils and hydrosol from farms in Oregon. Before chemists, Lavender has been healing people for Centuries. When you add modern science, it is known that skin barrier function is what we want to preserve, hence Hyaluronic acid, natural in our bodies but fades with age. We include a combination of molecular weights to target deep hydration, not just the surface layer. Then we added a collagen builder wrinkle defense complex to repair. If you use only one product in the morning this is it. Absorbs in seconds, ready for makeup. 

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