Used in conjunction with our Hydrating gel, or "Timeless" serum, this repair cream calms the itching and begins to repair. Eczema is the result of a comprimised skin barrier. Cortizone creams many times causes reactions and really never heals. Organic Lavender Hydrosol is the basis of this formula along with Tamanu oil, Hemp seed oil, Argan oil, Calendula extract and Vegetable Glycerin calm and nourish damaged skin. Bakuchiol and Hydosynol DOI are plant based and offer long term repair. Now available in 8 oz lotion pump.

Eczema calming lotion

  • This product was formulated for a woman who has severe Eczema on her hands. Cracking skin is very painful. The four essential oils calm the skin. Hyaluronic acid along with Glycerin moisturize. Organic Lavender Hydrosol is soothing and hydrating. Recommended application is overnight with cotton gloves ( recommended for severe cracking skin ). Tamanu has a distinctive nutty/earthy odor that fades as the oil is absorbed.