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Advances in Skin Care Active Ingredients

You have heard the terms on the Beautiful bottle, Moisturizes, Repair Serum, anti-aging, collagen building, skin repair and so many more.

Todays Women have heard it all before. We have a bathroom full of unfulfilled dreams. A counter cluttered, we then go about our business with a foundation and coverup and just get through a busy day.

Things are changing and so are we. We care about what goes on our skin, we want more natural products. We care how the environment is affected by how that product is made and its empty container. It is a cycle that has created a mess, and we want to change that. We do that by supporting products that consider the entire product cycle, and want it to work.

We want it to work faster too! I can search Google and get answers to ingredients in seconds, why is my skin repair serum taking 6 weeks! I partied all night and woke up with puffy eyes, nothing seems to work. Cucumber slices, get real!

You are the generation that will be the majority of the population by 2025. The skin care manufactures are preparing with a host of new actives beyond Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid and simple Peptides.

An active ingredient is the thing in a product that does something, the more the better. Skin care has three ingredients. The Active ingredient, a passive ingredient and Marketing (the largest of the cost). The passive ingredient may be color, fragrance look and feel. The Marketing is the hype that makes us buy a product.

The new actives in my opinion will sell themselves. I am working with the creators of ingredients who supply to THE big name manufacturers of over the counter products. For starters there is a new active that is used on crows feet. A reduction in fine lines of 18% in one week! Sun protection will be in all products. Not as an Oxide or messy screen, but will allow your skin cells to protect from damage by invoking an Epigenetic change in the gene expression. And yes there is a new active for the Millennial partier, so you don't even get the party eyes.

These are actives available today. Formulators are scrambling to bring them to market. Within the next few months I will be introducing them as they complete testing. My first is a Timeless Hydrating Gel available now. These are natural responsible actives, from plants and sea plankton or microorganism's that work with your body to protect and repair your skin. I am super excited, I am seeing amazing results so far. Eye care for men and woman. Dark spot correctors, skin lightening and sensitive skin care that restores your barrier function, but now it really works!

Danielle Rose

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